First Wild Truffle

People remember their baby’s first words, their first steps, and lots of other firsts. I will remember little Gnocchi’s first wild truffle, found out in the big dog woods today.  Her sister, Caccia, found her first wild truffles today, too. They were joined by their cousins, Uni, who found her first truffle in the same … More First Wild Truffle

Yellow Heading Home

Yellow, now going by the name of: Yellow Bella Gnocchi de Salem’s Truffle Underground, is heading home to Reno, Nevada, with her new family. Here she is at a cafe in Eugene with her new best friend, Ross, showing off her civilization skills. Here’s Yellow teaching Julia how to hold the end of her leash, … More Yellow Heading Home

Leash Manners

At 13 weeks, Sophia’s pups are learning their leash manners. Here’s a short video of Yellow showing off. Yellow has a particular enthusiasm for leash walking and is giving great attention.