Hello Friends,

I have been working with my Lagottos for the past five years, and every day I find something else to love about this amazing breed. I am fortunate to have the best home companions and working partners, and I am dedicated to producing the finest Lagottos possible. Whether you’re looking for a high-quality show dog, a brave truffle hunter, or a curly-haired family member, my aim is to provide you with the puppy to perfectly match your needs.


I take a three-pronged approach to breeding and raising puppies:

  1. Breed the best to the best
  2. From day one, provide the pups with the skills and training they will need to thrive in their new home
  3. Give the pups love, love, and more love

Thanks for visiting my site.

Please call for more information: 503.791.1462

I am happy to discuss all things Lagotto with you, and help you to determine if the Lagotto is right for you.



Please call for more details: 503.791.1462