Truffle Tours

Oregon Truffle Tours:

Experience the thrill of the hunt for one of nature’s tastiest treasures – the native Oregon truffle. Our friendly truffle dogs, the Italian Lagotti Romognoli, will show you where the truffles hide among the stands of Douglas fir in the Willamette Valley, the heart of truffle country. Bring your camera and layer up, the dogs hunt rain or shine!

Also available is a wine and food pairing with your fresh truffles! After a 1-2 hour hunt, you’ll visit a boutique winery tasting room where our chef and sommelier will pair your truffles with tasty bites and world class Pinot Noir!

The Truffle UnderGround is proud to be partnered with Prestige Wine Tours to give you this unique and delicious experience.

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Your dog already knows how to sniff and dig. Truffle hunting is super fun for you and your dog and helps to strengthen the bond between you. Find out how to put your dog’s inborn talents to work for you to find buried treasure.

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Beginning classes will start in the Salem area – September, 2019

Advanced forest classes will start in Sheridan, OR – December, 2019

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Got truffles?

If you have wooded property in Oregon, between the Coast and Cascade ranges, you may have truffles!

If you have Douglas fir trees, about 15-35 years old, that were planted in nice neat rows, with little to no underbrush, you may have truffles!

If your woods look something like this, you may have truffles.


To find out for sure, The Truffle UnderGround can send and experienced team of truffle hunters with trained truffle dogs to survey your property.

Our range includes the Mid and Upper-Willamette Valley.

Price is subject to location.

Survey spots are filling up for the 2019-2020 season (December through May).

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Good luck!