These Lagotti Know How to Party!


May 6th was beautiful day for our first ever Mid-Willamette Valley Lagotto Party at Laurel Ridge Winery, Carlton, OR. Such a thrill it was to see all of nineteen Lagotti in one place, and to meet their awesome people.

Groomer, Heather Graziano was on hand to talk about the quirky grooming issues peculiar to the Lagotto and what we can do at home to keep our friends healthy, happy, and pretty. Heather has groomed eleven Lagotti at her practice at the Wilsonville PetSmart. She brought her adorable Cavaliers, Goldy and Lilly, to romp with their new curly friends.

Darnell and Molly Caruth and Theresa Naegeli, from The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs, came to talk about early socialization and therapy dog training and certification. They brought the best behaved dogs at the party, Pisces and Spruce. These guys both grew up in prison, but not because they were naughty. They are part of a program in which prison inmates raise puppies to become service dogs. Darnell, Molly and Theresa are the  volunteers who take the puppies to the next level, getting them used to everything they may encounter in the world, before being placed with their people.

Ragan McHone brought her sweet and funny flat coat retriever, Izzy, who is not only doing great in the show ring, but is also training to compete in dock diving-a sport of interest to many Lagotti.

The pups got a brief introduction to truffle scent identification, some for the first time. Hopefully, they’ll practice over the summer and be ready to hunt next season.

Congratulations Tilly! for winning first place in the first ever Running of the Lagotti.  Tilly proved that she is not only fast, but that she could run in right direction. Her people, Deb and Jim Steele, received a bottle of Laurel Ridge wine for her efforts. Second prize, a stuffed toilet paper roll, went to Eliza Greenwood’s Darby. Way to go fast Lagottos!

The party was hosted by Susan Teppola and daughter, Kira, of Laurel Ridge Winery. Aside from fabulous wine, every winery needs a good winery dog, and this one has its very own Lagotto, Daphne.

Also hosting was Jake Rockwood and Ilsa Perse, who provided a delicious lunch from Harvest Fresh in Mcminnville. Jake and Ilsa brought Gnocchi’s hunting partner, Uni and her buddy, honorary Lagotto, Habu.

Special thanks to Sue Yardbrough for the pictures and for helping to make sure that everything went smoothly, and that no puppies got into too much trouble.

Here’s a few pictures from the event:

CakeTwo Lagotti


Lots of Lagotti

Lining up to Race

Lagotto Race

Chatting with puppies

Me Kids Puppies

Lagotto Love

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