First Wild Truffle

Truffles 121717

People remember their baby’s first words, their first steps, and lots of other firsts. I will remember little Gnocchi’s first wild truffle, found out in the big dog woods today.  Her sister, Caccia, found her first wild truffles today, too. They were joined by their cousins, Uni, who found her first truffle in the same woods two weeks ago, and Daphney, who is just getting started with her truffle career. All are about six months old.

It’s a giant leap from training in a controlled environment (when you know where the truffles are buried) to a real forest with elk poop, gun shots in the background, and a million other distractions. They all did a super job and, most importantly, they had a great time. Gnocchi’s sleeping soundly now, secure in the knowledge that she is a real truffle dog.

Gnocchi First Truffle Gnocchi First Truffle B Gnocchi First Truffle C

So Many Lagotti

So many Lagottosusess.


Gnocchi Truffle Hunt 121717 After

This is the “after” picture of the brave truffle hunters. Gnocchi is tired, dirty, and a little full of herself.


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