Yellow Heading Home

Yellow, now going by the name of: Yellow Bella Gnocchi de Salem’s Truffle Underground, is heading home to Reno, Nevada, with her new family. Here she is at a cafe in Eugene with her new best friend, Ross, showing off her civilization skills.

Ross and Yellow.JPG

Here’s Yellow teaching Julia how to hold the end of her leash, while she heels at her side. I love Yellow’s focus on Julia here-even though I was only a few feet away.

Julia Yellow Heeling.JPG

Here’s Yellow teaching Julia how to find truffles.


And here she is, teaching Julia how to give belly rubs. I think she’s going to get along just fine.

Yellow belly rub.JPG

I feel so blessed, being able to bring Yellow this far in her life. And although I miss her and her clownish, happy-go-lucky personality already, I am thrilled she is going to a loving home and new adventures with Julia and her son, Ross.

2 thoughts on “Yellow Heading Home

    1. Thanks Alicia. I love working with the pups and giving them the foundation they need to grow up to be their best possible selves. So funny, just yesterday, a man called out from his truck at an intersection in downtown Salem to compliment my puppy’s perfect sit at the crosswalk. It was her first time downtown.


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