What To Do with All Those Truffles

So you’ve bought a truffle puppy and taught her to hunt. You find a great spot and find a fistful of truffles. Now what?

One of my favorite things to do with a truffle is infuse a stick of butter with it, and then use that butter on everything. But now I have more options.

Dawn Meiklejohn lives in the Pacific Northwest. She hunts truffles with her beautiful Lagotto, Lidia (full sister and littermate to my Sophia). Dawn is also a talented chef. She has written a truffle cookbook that includes recipes for sides, main dished, appetizers, desserts, and even adult beverages. With this book, Dawn proves that truffle dishes do not have to be difficult or inaccessible to the home cook. There are recipes for meatloaf, mac and cheese, and grits.  The recipes are clear and easy to read (even for me) and the photos are gorgeous. Most helpful is the section on making infusions-the key to cooking with truffles and retaining flavor.

Many thanks to Dawn Meiklejohn for writing this cookbook and giving me more options for what my dogs find out in the woods.

You can find Oregon Truffle Feasts here

or on Amazon: Oregon Truffle Feasts


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